The Texas Renovator

The Family Business: Founded in 1967

In 1965, Tony Santos moved his family and a small sub-contract roofing business from San Antonio, to Houston, Texas to install roofing for Sears as an authorized installer. In 1967 Tony Santos founded C & S Roofing Company a small but solid company. C&S grew its reputation servicing the construction industry as a full service roofing company for residential and commercial projects.   

The Family Business Evolution - The 1990's and Beyond

In the mid 90’s, Javier L. Santos took major interest in the family business and expanded it from just roofing to providing other construction services. Even at Javier’s earlier age Tony Santos would take Javier on estimates / sales calls grooming him for the family business. Javier’s summer vacations from school would always involve working in the family business. In 1995 a major hail storm hit in Fort Worth and Tarrant County. It affected a highly populated area with hail up to 4” in diameter. Striking the local outdoor festival known as The Fort Worth Mayfest getting the name of The 1995 Mayfest Storm. Tony Santos set up a satellite office in Fort Worth Texas. Tony Santos sent Javier L. Santos (18 years of age) and Christopher Linares (17 years of age) (Tony Santos’ nephew) to set up and manage the Fort Worth office, sales and field production for the summer. Javier & Chris delivered without fail gaining a tremendous amount of experience at an early age.      

The Family Business Today

Javier L. Santos is the President of Santex Construction, LLC. – A Full Service Construction Company.  Tara L Santos serves as the Sr. Vice President & Controller of the company and joined the family business in 2000. Christopher Linares serves as Vise President of the company. In 2015 Brittany N, Santos joined her father as the third generation to be involved with the company. She began her journey as an Assistant Project Manager.

At the present, Santex Construction, LLC operates as full service construction company. Offering its construction service in the residential, commercial and multifamily industry as a general contractor / project manager.  The name of the family business may have changed, but the way the family does business has not. We believe in building business relationships through integrity and trust. For more than 50 years. The legacy left by Tony Santos continues today. We strive at delivering quality projects by maintaining our reputation with integrity and delivering what we promised. Here at Santex we are proud of our past and focused on our future.